Mark Dekker appointed Community Cricket Officer

Thursday 20th April 2017

Mark Dekker appointed Community Cricket Officer

Mark Dekker has joined the Community Cricket Team to take up the role of Community Cricket Officer (Boys).

Mark brings a wealth of experience having worked at various levels of club, area and county age group programmes.

He joins us from Tonbridge School where up until now he was the Academy Cricket Coach.

He has previously worked with MyCricketProfessional, an independent school in Zimbabwe and he also established a successful farming enterprise in Zimbabwe.

Mark played Test matches and ODIs for Zimbabwe, various representative tours both inside and outside of the county and played Provincial Cricket from 1988 to 1999.

He will lead the representative pathways for boys cricket across the County (from area to county age group squads) and will support the Kent Cricket Academy programme, sponsored by Kent Reliance.

Whilst line managing the coaches and managers of county age group squads, he will manage and oversee the area cricket programme.

The role will also enable him to offer advice and input to support girls and disability cricket.

The role will naturally require him to support partnerships between schools, colleges, clubs & communities and he will also play a part in delivering the Spitfires in the Community plan with the Community Cricket team.