Welcome to Parish’s Delivery Plans and Materials

Below are the lesson plans and some class-based cricket work which we will be covering this term

In keeping with Chance To Shine’s ‘I – We – You’ model, the first week will be lead by myself, however, from the second week the teachers and TAs will be responsible for running firstly one and eventually – in week five – all of the exercises and games

In the lesson plans, the exercises and games which the teachers and TAs will be responsible for running will be highlighted in green

Along with the lesson plans, each week also features two cricketers which the class could be introduced to and perhaps encouraged to discover something about as they are relevant to the skill that will be covered in the lesson

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Classroom Cricket-Based Lessons

If you would like to support the ‘Play’ delivery this term with some cricket-based lessons, below you will find three sample lesson plans and supporting resources to help you to teach core curriculum subjects in England/Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.
By adopting the ‘Active Learning’ principle, expect your pupils to find these resources stimulating – both physically and mentally.

If you enjoy these and find them useful, let me know and I can provide you with further Key Stage-specific plans 👍