Kent ACO Post-Course Feedback

You have been sent this form because you have recently attended or taken an online or face to face course run by the Kent Association of Cricket Officials.

Your feedback is essential to us in order that we can continue to run helpful, appropriate, successful and well-delivered courses.

The questions should take no more than five minutes and we really appreciate your time and effort in completing them; thank you.

None of the questions are compulsory, it is up to you how much you would like to share:

Type of course

The venue was convenient (ignore for online courses)

The venue's facilities were in good order and sufficient for the course (ignore for online courses)

Where did you hear about the course?

The content of the course was what I expected

The time available for the course was adequate

The tutor(s) presented the course material well

The tutor(s) were friendly and approachable

The tutor(s) encouraged participation from the attendees

Did you find the course instructive and useful?

Do you plan to umpire or score in the coming 12 months?

Are you a member of the ACO?

Are you looking for a club and would like help in finding one?

Would you like to be added to a list of officials that the Kent ACO keeps in order to keep you appraised of appropriate games for you to umpire or score at? (for umpires, please note that you need to be an ACO member with a valid DBS certificate, have completed the ECB Umpires Course and, have either undertaken one of our extension courses, or an ACO CPD session on player safety)

*required field

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, it is a great help to us.

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