FREE Digital Skills & Energy Session

FREE Digital Skills & Energy Session

Social Enterprise Kent is running an informative event, in the FGS Plant Harris Suite at The Spitfire Ground in Canterbury, where you can learn valuable digital skills, including:-

  1. Identifying and Avoiding Scams: We will equip participants with the knowledge and tools to recognise and protect themselves from online scams.
  2. Trustworthy Websites and Apps: We will guide attendees in identifying reliable websites and apps to ensure they have access to accurate information and resources.
  3. Grants and Funds: Participants will learn about various grants and funds available to them, along with practical guidance on how to apply for these opportunities.

As an added benefit, each participant will receive a complimentary energy-saving kit containing smart electronic products and practical items to reduce energy bills.

This includes:

  • Smart power strip
  • LED bulb
  • Radiator foil
  • Excluder tape

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Poster for Digital Skills