Cricket has a unique ability to connect communities and improve lives. It is a sport that transcends generations and has the ability to reach beyond a diverse range of social boundaries in a way that few other sports do.

Kent Cricket Community Trust (KCCT) aims to make a positive impact in Our Community by engaging with individuals and social groups that can become, and often do feel, isolated.

KCCT’s aim is to make a difference by ensuring that Kent Cricket, as a major sporting brand and as the leading sporting team in Our County, is identified as a Club that cares about Our Community because ‘Together We Are Kent’.

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KCCT will work alongside the Kent Cricket Community Team and other partners to deliver a variety of themed programmes that strategically link with national and local government agendas that are a powerful force for change.

Social isolation has been shown to be at its highest at both ends of a person’s lifespan. With challenges faced in modern society by young people and with an ageing population, social isolation is on the rise in the UK.

KCCT will:

  • Create opportunities and resources through social responsibility engagement with business, commerce, and government/Local Authority funding and engagement.
  • Develop opportunities for facilities, as well as proven guidance and materials, to enable communities to engage with their local cricket clubs on an ongoing basis.
  • Create collaborations which have lasting social impact value for communities across the county.

Support/Donate to the Kent Cricket Community Trust

You can personally or as an organisation “give back” by support the projects the Kent Cricket Community Trust is delivering.

  • £25.00 = Funds an hour of community coaching for a community group.
  • £50.00 = Funds a young person to undertake a support coaching qualification.
  • £175.00 = Funds a young person to undertake a foundation coaching qualification.
  • £200.00 = A Cricket and Tea for 10x people identified as socially isolated.
  • £300.00 = Funds a six-week cricket programme for a community group, this could be for young people, refugees, families impacted by domestic abuse or at risk of homelessness.

If you would any further information on of these packages or have any other ideas that you would like to discuss please contact us via the button below:

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