Acting Chief Exec writes personally to the 2009 Country Members

Monday 7th December 2009

Please read below the letter that has been sent out today, 7 December, to all 2009 Country Members from acting Chief Executive Officer, Jamie Clifford.

Dear Member,

Following the announcement last week of the new spectator packages available for 2010, I am writing to you as a 2009 Country Member.

As you will have read in last week“s mailing, it had been decided to remove this category of membership. It is a category which was clearly being abused; we had clear evidence of friends and relatives submitting applications for membership on behalf of others, second home owners using their alternative addresses and individuals using work addresses. The situation had grown out of control and had become a major concern to the club (further definitive evidence of abuse has appeared in the last week).

Over the last few days, I have received considerable correspondence from out-of-county members. In every instance, they have detailed years of commitment to the club from afar.

Your heartfelt pleas have been passed to the General Committee and it has therefore been agreed to reinstate this form of membership. It is clear that the club must do all it can to find a way to accommodate our genuine long distance supporters.

It has been decided therefore to reintroduce a discount for Full Members (priced at 50% of the selected Full Membership category) whose main residential address is more than one county away from the County. To be clear, those who live outside the following areas: Kent, Essex, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex (East and West) and Greater London.

Evidence of residence must be provided – even in cases of membership renewal. This will help us ensure that those benefiting from the discount are genuine. The only acceptable form of evidence will either be proof of being on the Electoral Roll (it is possible to obtain for us to obtain this directly from internet resources – for example at or Council Tax bill for main residence.

In addition, usage of the Membership cards will be monitored in 2010. Visits to the St Lawrence Ground will be limited to 11 matches per Member (who resides outside of the County) per year. If you believe that there is a valid reason why this might be exceeded, please do let us know in advance.

Hopefully this approach will ensure that all of you who have supported the club from a distance will be able to continue to do so. Your continued support and association with the club is very important to us.

I am particularly appreciative of all those who took time to write to express their feelings regarding the issue.

Yours sincerely,

Jamie Clifford
Acting Chief Executive Officer