Blakey’s Blog

Wednesday 2nd March 2011

Currently watching the England match against Ireland, very good start from us but Pietersen’s just been dismissed playing a reverse sweep. Such an innovative shot in the recent one-day game but does come under criticism from the spectator if got out to. I personally like the shot a lot as it tinkers with spinners field placements, and is becoming ever more present as the game progresses.

It’s been a good start to the tournament for the England side anyway with the job done against the Netherlands and a nail biting tie against the co-hosts India. I guess you could say there were mixed feelings with the tie; should we have won from the position we were in? All I’d say is that it made for a fascinating watch and a chase of 338 in conditions that favoured the home side was a great effort. With India being a strong favourite for the tournament, I think it shows that England have a fighting chance also.

I mentioned last week that we welcomed Sheffield Hallam’s hockey side in a top of the table clash. Well I’m pleased to say that we dealt with them in style with a 4-1 drubbing. And I managed to notch on the score sheet, which is a bit of a rarity! Today we face our fiercest rivals in Leeds University, and I can tell you that there’s no love lost there. As we look to win our league, this is another must win game.

The library has been my home for the last couple of days, so it’ll be nice to get away from it today. With dissertation work the top of my priority list at the moment, I’ll be straight back in there tomorrow, and the days to follow I’m sure! I can’t say it’s overly enjoyable, but it has to be done.

Cricket wise, the last week’s been pretty similar to the one before. Had nets last night with the whole squad which was productive. As well as the early morning fitness on Friday and a One to One in the afternoon. Had a bowl on Monday morning and then fielding practice in the afternoon which was based around throwing and catching. Not far away until we’re outside now, although it’s still bitterly cold outside and I fear for my hands in the cold weather.

I’m being given the hurry up by my housemates to get ready for hockey now so I better get my things together. England have progressed nicely since I started this and a score in excess of 300 looks more than likely. Let’s hope it’s enough and the luck of Irish doesn’t kick in!