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Blakey’s Blog – 30 March

Wednesday 30th March 2011

Apologies first up for my lack of blog last week, found myself very busy during my time in Dubai. The combination of training each day and an ever-looming dissertation hand in date meant any free time I had was spent typing away in the depths of my room. That was when I wasn’t getting distracted by Colesy chipping golf balls into the bin anyway!

So Dubai was a great success. Once we located a nomadic Stevo at the airport, who decided to keep us waiting in the coach an hour in his 4am quest for duty free, we finally arrived at our hotel early Thursday morning. In the scorching heat we made our way to the Global Cricket Academy the next day, a very impressive facility indeed. The fact that the 30 odd nets catered for wickets all around the world just shows how innovative a setup it is there. We were able to practice on Australian, Pakistani and English wickets, as well use the squares for middle practice. Mixed in with the use of the gym and regular fielding, it was a very productive week for all and should stand us in good stead for the first game.

Back home now at the slightly chillier Beckenham, we have just completed a 2-day game against Lancashire. Another beneficial 2 days which saw Denly and Key show good form with the bat, as well as the bowlers getting some valuable overs under their belt. Today we turn our attentions to the 1-day format in a 40 over run out against the same northern outfit, and hopefully the good work will continue.

Finally, I’d like to stamp out any rumours regarding ‘The Library’. Whilst it is a pub located in the Leeds region, I can assure you it’s not the one I’ve been at! Mine was a lot more book orientated, full of panicking students. Although I’m proud to inform you that I’ve now completed my dissertation, all 83 pages of it, which has been printed, bound and handed in. Fingers crossed for that Desmond 2:2!