Brendan Nash’s May Blog

Tuesday 14th May 2013

It’s been a challenging week for us with all the travelling, and also the changing format of the game from County Championship to Yorkshire Bank 40. The trip to Holland was a bit unknown, with different conditions and some unorthodox bowling.

The Netherlands tried to upset us and were quite aggressive and in our faces. They gave their best shot with 101 on the board.

Interesting listening to the Dutch conversations and I’m pretty sure I heard three Aussie accents, with Cooper, Borren and others in the side. We then had an eight hour journey back from the Netherlands and into Calais, having flown over from Luton before the match.

I was happy with our first Yorkshire Bank 40 game against Warwickshire Bears too, although it was a bit tighter than I would have liked. Patel really turned the game within ten balls, and it was a great effort from Adam Ball.

The Nottinghamshire Outlaws match was also an interesting one, fast outfield and they bowled well, it was a shame about the weather. It was one or two innings that took the game away, from Taylor and Wessels, hitting cleanly.

On Wednesday we face Worcestershire Royals under floodlights in the YB40; a side that came down into our division last season and we didn’t play last season. Worcestershire have struggled before, but they seem to be doing better. Looking forward to playing them and sticking to our plans. It’s good to be back home!

The Open Day was really good on Sunday, and great to see the interest from families with a really big turnout.

On Monday I went on a visit with Kent Cricket and Kent Cricket Board to Claremonth Primary School in Tunbridge Wells, along with Calum Haggett. I don’t know that area very well, but it was great to go there and to generate further interest in the Tunbridge Wells Cricket Festival. They were great kids and really good at cricket for their age groups. A good positive interest in cricket from them all.

I hope you’ll come and support the team on Wednesday – or over the weekend when we face Worcestershire.