Coach’s Corner – 5 April

Tuesday 5th April 2011

The World Cup has come to a great conclusion, if your Indian and if you’re an MS Dhoni fan. The final perhaps lacked an exciting finish, but what an innings from the Indian captain, he really took the responsibility on and played one of the best one day innings. I have to say at the half way stage I thought SL had scored enough runs to win, but sadly for them it just wasn’t enough, and you have to say the best team won on the day.

It has been an interesting competition and one I have enjoyed watching, and although England didn’t get to the final, it did have enough exciting cricket to keep neutral fans watching right to the end. The atmosphere in Mumbai must have been so special and I would guess those who had tickets will remember the day for many years to come.

I did feel for Trevor Bayliss the SL coach, he has come to the end of his four year stint as coach, and it would have been great for him to finish with a win. I know the coach doesn’t win games of cricket, but I know how much hard work he put into that team and how much preparation went into the team over that four years for this World Cup. The board had wanted to win this WC and everything over the previous four years was about this tournament. The introduction of the young players, the balance of the team and the previous tours have all played a part.

Well as I write this we are just three more days to the start of the season, and I have to say I can`t wait for the first ball to be bowled. Pre season has gone quite well, the lads have all worked hard and the feeling is quiet optimism, well I am quietly optimistic, but then I should be really. There has been a lot of talk about our young players, but I am also excited about the more mature players in the team, I am looking forward to getting to Chelmsford and getting the games going.

Pre season is a funny time, no matter how long you practice for, it always seems a week too long, and by that I mean, you get to a stage where you just want to get the season going, and a trip to Essex is ideal, it should be a decent wicket and they will always be a good side. The only pity is that we have to wait a few weeks to play at home, but we all knew that would be the case. I won`t moan about the fixtures, and playing two matches then getting ten days off!!!!

We have had one or two niggles, although nothing too bad, except for Nella, he won`t be fit to play for about three to four weeks, having had an injection in his back, but all the others are just niggles we hope. Keysy missed last Wednesdays one day match, Stevo also, but both should be ok.

Last week I did an on line Q and A session for the KM group, and I did actually enjoy it, it was good to see so many genuine cricket people wanting to chat cricket, and luckily there didn’t seem to be too many tricky questions, and also no spoof ones either!! I do hope it is something that we can repeat in the future. If any of you that do read this blog have questions please feel free to send them through, I am more than happy to answer them.

Lets hope next weeks blog is written after a good trip to Chelmsford,