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From the CEOs Chair

Friday 11th February 2011

It is great to be able to write my first blog post for the Club’s new website. It has been a long time coming and I would like to thank the team that have been working on it. There is no doubt that the web is now a core element of the Club’s activities. I am sure that the fresh new look and the increased functionality will be welcomed by all who follow the Club’s fortunes. I am particularly pleased that supporters will be able to print tickets at home – allowing them to secure advance purchase prices right up to the day of a fixture.

Things have been extremely hectic since the end of the season. The fantastic 1970 40th anniversary celebration; player contract negotiations; ground redevelopment works; a new membership and ticket package offering; a re-launch of our commercial offering and of course plenty of sleepless nights watching the Ashes being retained. All this has created a real buzz around the Club, and everyone I speak to can’t wait for the season to start.

The Ground Redevelopment work, after many years of effort, finally commenced in October. As I write, things are progressing well, although there is much still to be done. There is no doubt that the introduction of new facilities, such as the floodlights, and the refurbishment of existing ones will give us a real boost. I am particularly keen that the Club continues to be a special place to watch cricket, and with effective promotion hope that more people experience that this season then ever before.

These are grim times for county cricket clubs at the moment. The financial results released over the last few months have been depressing. I believe though that we have a great opportunity to use the redevelopment works as a springboard for long term stability. It is why we have used this period to review what we do. We have a clear plan mapped out for future – the pressure is on now to deliver on that plan. Every member and supporter can play a part too, spreading the word that the Club is a great place to spend summer days. Let your friends and family know about the new website for a start!

I hope you enjoy the new website. Do let us know if you think we can improve anything.