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Stevo’s Blog from Bangladesh

Monday 6th February 2012

Hi Everyone,

I’ve made it safely over to Bangladesh and the flight over wasn’t too bad! I had an overnight flight with Jet Airways via Delhi. I wanted to fly Emirates but there was a horrible 5hr stop in Dubai which I didn’t really fancy, so Jet it was.

I’m really excited to be part of the first year of BPL and I’m looking forward to see what the opening ceremony brings on the 9th. The 1st game is set to take place on the 10th, but our 1st game (for the Dhaka Gladiators) isn’t till the 11th in Dhaka.

I was able to catch up with Peter Trego for dinner the on first couple of nights here. He's been over here for the past 6weeks playing in the local 50 over competition. The boy is wasting away, he's lost about 8kgs!

We’re staying at the Ruposhi Bangla hotel, if you've been out here before it's the old Sheraton. It’s a really nice hotel and I’ve been looked after very well so far. The rest of the team will be staying here once they arrive in the next few days. The other franchises are spread throughout the other hotels in Dhaka.

I had my first practice yesterday and it was a bit of an eye opener, having spent the last 3 months hitting balls indoors! Fingers crossed it goes better tomorrow 🙂 The facilities here at the main stadium have been very good.

I’ve had a look at our kit and its bright yellow and orange! So, if you manage to catch any of the games you definitely won’t miss us! I’ve also asked for number '3' on the back of my shirts, for obvious reasons!

There’s only one slight negative I have at the moment and that’s the amount of traffic!! It’s a nightmare! Imagine M25 on a Friday night, we've all been there…’s a 100 times worse! It takes about 1hr 30mins to do about 10ks which isn’t exactly enjoyable. I've been here a few days now and I have spent at least 50% of my time in the car!

I think the BPL is going to be a fantastic tournament. They’re all good looking sides and as you know it's all on the day with 20/20 – that’s why it’s a hit all over the world. There are so many match winners in all the franchises.

Until next time…Come on the DHAKA Gladiators!

Stevo x