Boy band 3MIX to play live ahead of Kent Spitfires v Durham Dynamos

Saturday 25th July 2009

Boy band 3MIX will be providing the warm-up crooning at tomorrow“s T20 quarter-final tie with the Durham Dynamos at Canterbury. Myan from the band (3M) tells our new official programme, Kent Cricket (KC), about being the Asian answer to the Backstreet Boys:

KC: Have you played outdoors before?

3M: We“re quite big within the Asian community so we“ve done loads of melas and festivals, but this is the first time we“ve played at a cricket match.

KC: Do you play a bit?

3M: Yeah, we love cricket. I“m playing today actually – I play for my uncle“s team in Gillingham. Bat a bit, bowl a bit. Like Flintoff. But not as good. It“s a little friendly team.

KC: Are you an Indian version of the Backstreet Boys?

3M: They“re definitely a band we listened to growing up, so you“ll hear a lot of that in our music. We“re unique in that we“re all Asian and we“re doing something different – we mix Eastern and Western genres, the sound of our roots with Western sounds of r“n“b and pop. We“ve got a fan base in the Asian community – not just in the UK. We“re just doing a six-city tour of India, even though we haven“t released a single there yet. As a band, it was very important to us to get the attention of Asian listeners as well as having good songs to interest the mainstream audience too. And the reaction to our single Put it on Me has been really good.

KC: Are young British Asians in touch with those traditional sounds?

3M: Yeah, definitely. You“re growing up in households hearing your mum and dad“s music – and that“s how I got into it. Combining two different sounds separates us out, I think. It“s something different. There“s been solo artists doing this, but I think we“re the first boy band to come out of an Asian background.

KC: Was Michael Jackson REALLY the king of pop?

3M: Definitely.

KC: No, seriously. Not Elvis?

3M: For sure. I mean, all respect to Elvis but Michael Jackson was just on a different level as an all-round entertainer. To see him on the stage, with his stage presence and his dancing, I don“t think there“s been anyone else like that. I“m a big fan of the Beatles and Paul McCartney – and McCartney was good friends with Michael Jackson – but I just think Michael Jackson reached out to a wider audience.

KC: You“re working with Amy Winehouse“s producer…

3M: Yeah – Mushtaq has been producing Amy Winehouse, JLS, Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis … and Lee Ryan from Blue co-wrote our single with him. He just raised the bar for us, showed us where we need to be. It“s about sound, arrangement and about timing – about knowing what sounds like 2009 and what doesn“t.

3MIX“s debut album will be released at the end of the year.

Find out more about them online –

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