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Calling all supporters: Please complete our survey

Sunday 12th September 2010

As we near the end of the season, and begin planning for 2011, Kent County Cricket Club is completing a series of surveys, questionnaires and focus groups. The aim of this information gathering is to produce a comprehensive review of changes implemented this season, a review of our operations and to receive feedback on proposed ideas, or concepts, which may be introduced next year.

We are very keen to have as many supporters complete the survey as possible so that we get a broad perspective from people who enjoy cricket within the county. Ideally you may have been to a number of matches this year or you could even be a former member. A separate members“ only survey has already been completed.

To complete the survey simple click on to the following web link –

If your computer has security settings that stops ‘cookies“, you may find that the link takes you to the Survey Monkey homepage. To go directly to the survey you simply need to copy and paste the link to your address bar and then hit enter.

The survey is available for completion up until midnight, Sunday 19 September.

Thank you for taking the time to share your views and opinions with us.