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Canterbury City Council to lend £4million towards redevelopment project

Friday 27th November 2009

Kent County Cricket Club is pleased to announce that Canterbury City Council agreed, at its full Council meeting on 26 November 2009, to loan the club £4 million towards the redevelopment of the St Lawrence Ground.

The club approached the City Council for financial support because the redevelopment meets a number of the Council“s economic and well being objectives, as set out in the Council“s plans. The Council is able to access preferential borrowing rates which in return benefits the club. The redevelopment includes a hotel, conference facility, health and fitness centre, hospitality boxes, stand refurbishment, floodlights and retail units.

The club will meet the full cost of the loan so there will be no cost to the council tax payers.

Commenting on the news, Kent Chairman, George Kennedy said: “The club is delighted to have been offered this support by Canterbury City Council. It will go a long way towards helping realise the Kent County Cricket Club vision of creating a ground of which we can be truly proud. In addition, the City will benefit through splendid new facilities for the area.”