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Chairman confirms Kemp and Mahmood have pulled out of ICL

Tuesday 2nd June 2009

CHAIRMAN George Kennedy has confirmed that Justin Kemp and Azhar Mahmood (both pictured)have withdrawn from their respective ICL contracts and committed themselves to Kent.

Over the last few weeks, the club has been negotiating with the Champions League rules committee about how we would qualify for the final if we played both Kemp and Mahmood. In spite of what you may have read elsewhere, BOTH players have now withdrawn from ICL and committed themselves to Kent.

In return, Kent can now play in any final (if we qualify). However the two players in question can play in all qualifying games but not if we reach the main event – The CL Final. This only applies to 2009. After that, they are free to play in all our matches.

Commenting, Mr Kennedy said: ’It’s great news for Kent. I tried to seek a reinstatement for the years we missed out but without success. Both Azhar and Justin have given up serious money to play for us and they deserve our sincere thanks. Given our start to the T20 campaign, it is very encouraging and I hope every one will get fully behind the team.’

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