Club unveils 150th Year County Championship shirt

Club unveils 150th Year County Championship shirt

Kent Cricket has revealed its County Championship playing jersey for the 2020 season, in the Club’s 150th Year.

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Designed in partnership with Samurai Sportswear, the commemorative shirt is made from diamond polyester material and features a sublimated pattern of the names of all 219 Capped Players in the Club’s history.

The jersey is off-white in design, with no colouring or piping, paying homage to the plain whites worn by Kent players of the past. Kent Cricket’s 150th Year logo proudly features on the shirt for one season only.

The gold ink for the design has been heated to temperatures of around 200°C,  penetrating the fabric itself and becoming a part of the material, much like tattooing. The effect provides everlasting design, colour and clarity.

The list of names boasts some of the greatest players in Kent Cricket’s history to date, starting with Kent’s first Capped Player, Lord Harris, and ending with the 219th, Zak Crawley.

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The back of the collar sees the Motto of Kent, ‘Invicta’, emblazoned in gold. This is the first time in the Club’s history that ‘Invicta’ has appeared on any playing jersey, first-class or limited overs, in 150 years.

The Motto of Kent comes from the time of the Norman conquest, and is mentioned on the Invicta Monument in Swanscombe, that: ‘Near this spot by ancient tradition the men of Kent and Kentish men, carrying boughs on their shoulders and swords in their hands, met the invader William Duke of Normandy.

‘They offered peace if he would grant their ancient rights and liberties otherwise war and that most deadly. Their request was granted and from that day the motto of Kent has been INVICTA, meaning Unconquered.’

Kent will wear this special playing jersey in all of their County Championship matches during the 2020 season, proudly sponsored by Go Tec Nursing & FGS Plant.

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Kent Captain, Sam Billings, said: “Everyone in the dressing room feels a sense of pride when they put on the Kent shirt, but this year brings special significance.

“We’re always looking forward as a Club, ultimately to add more great players to the list on this jersey, and contribute to successes in the next chapter of Kent Cricket.”

Kent Head Coach, Matt Walker, said: “When you see some of the names of great players that have played for Kent over the years, it makes you feel a part of something bigger.

“We’re not only commemorating the first 150 years of Kent Cricket this year, but we’re also always looking ahead, striving to make the next 150 Years of the Club just as successful.”

Former player and current Head of Talent Pathway, Min Patel, said: “It was an honour to put on the Kent shirt for nearly 20 years.

“When you look at the quality of players that also represented the badge for 150 years, it fills me with a great sense of pride.”

Former Captain, Rob Key, said: “As a player you have certain goals along the way, and achieving your county cap is right at the top of the list.

“Only playing for England ranks higher. A Kent cap not only tells you that you belong at that level, but it also commits you to a part of a proud Kent history.”

Kent Cricket’s Retail Manager, Barrie Dyer, said: “Plans had been drawn up for this commemorative shirt for at least the last five years and I’m delighted with the final product.

“A lot of time and research was put into commemorating our 150th Year in the correct way.

“Together we all felt that every Capped Player represents a different part of the Club’s 150-year history, and having a list of all 219 would be the perfect way to mark the rich history of Kent Cricket on one playing jersey.”

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