Club supports ‘Bat for a Chance’

Wednesday 7th April 2021

Club supports ‘Bat for a Chance’

‘Bat For A Chance’ is an English-based charity set up by 16-year-old Will Gaffney.

His inspiration for setting up the charity came during a cricket tour to Sri Lanka and seeing how cricket has the power to change lives.

Bat For A Chance aims to spread happiness through cricket ‘very simply by providing new and second-hand cricket kit and clothing to those in need around the word’.

Set up by Will, aged 14, with the sole aim to help underprivileged kids simply smile, through the provision of cricket kit.

By the end of February 2021, the charity will have sent kit out to six different countries desperately in need.  They also support grassroots hubs here in the UK and obtain kit through donations from shops, brands, schools, clubs, academies and county cricket clubs.

The charity raises funds by hosting virtual events, and the money raised go towards the cost of shipping the kit out to the countries they support.

Kent Cricket’s Director of Partnerships, Andy Griffiths, said: “When Will contacted us, we simply had to get involved.

“Having volunteered for projects in Africa, I have experienced the joy that cricket brings to the lives of disadvantaged young children.

“We spoke to our men’s first team players and they were happy to hand over any unused cricket equipment they no longer needed – pads, gloves, under armour, bats.

“I am delighted we could support such a great charity and wish them all the best for the future”

Will and the team at Bat For A Chance can be contacted via, and their Instagram is here.