Develop your project: ECB County Grants Fund

Friday 29th October 2021

Following the announcement of the ECB County Grants Fund in September this year , we have now concluded the initial series of webinars, offering clubs the opportunity to dial-in to learn more about how they can make an application to the fund.

As highlighted by Head of Community Cricket, James Reid, the County Grants Fund “is a tremendous opportunity for Kent Cricket to further engage with the club network, in order to collaborate on meaningful enhancements to facilities throughout the county’.

A fundamental part of the fund is the ‘Creating Welcoming Environments‘ research and guidance provided by the ECB. The document is intended to;

 “provide guidance for cricket clubs to help make cricket facilities more inclusive and welcoming to all, by creating better environments for everyone using them and to encourage a more diverse range of people to join cricket clubs and get involved in the game at a recreational level.” – England & Wales Cricket Board

It is an expectation that any application will show a clear awareness of this guidance, and demonstrates how it has been taken into consideration within the project. There are useful tools within the document, which can be used as a starting point:

At this early stage we are already discussing projects with 14 clubs and it is pleasing to see the ambition they are each showing.

Kent Cricket are keen to speak to additional clubs to explore this opportunity. Clubs are advised to review the information below, and then make contact with James Moss.

There are three overarching ‘themes’ that sit within the County Grants Fund, each of which carrying different eligibility criteria in order for a club to make an application…

1. Creating Welcoming Environments

Must meet at least one of the following:
→ Run National Programme(s) or
→ Actively providing and developing women’s and girl’s cricket (not solely girl’s within a junior section)
→ Actively providing and developing disability cricket

2. Enhanced Facilities / Playing Opportunities

→ Must have a minimum of one women’s and/or girl’s team playing competitive league and/or cup cricket
→ Clubs must also have an active Development Plan for women’s and girl’s cricket with Kent Cricket, via Helen Fagg

3. Tackling Climate Change (Supported by Sport England)

→ Open to all affiliated cricket clubs

Download ECB County Grants Fund Guidance Document