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ECB County Grants Fund – Looking to 2024

Friday 27th October 2023

By the end of September, Kent Cricket has awarded the full grant budget just 8 months after opening.

In 2023, sixteen projects were supported by the ECB County Grants Fund in Kent. When including the partnership funding brought forward by clubs, the value of these projects exceeded £300,000.

As it stands, we expect the County Grants Fund to re-open in February 2024 and this is due to be the final year of the scheme.

Whilst we await the revised criteria and guidance notes for 2024, we encourage clubs to consider the 2023 document. Any club that is actively considering an application in 2024 should contact James Moss to discuss it in further detail as soon as possible.

⚠ Please note, funding electronic machinery is not a strategic priority in Kent. ⚠

→ Download the 2023 County Grants Fund Guidance Notes