ECB DBS Update Service

Thursday 21st January 2021

Since 2017 all ECB applicants have been asked to join the DBS Update Service. The ECB can go online and complete a status update check to ensure someone’s criminal record has not changed.

Volunteers need to click a link in order to join the Update Service when they complete their form. They will receive annual emails from the ECB just before the ECB complete a status update check. The ECB will then check their DBS status. If a volunteer opts out later, either by opting out with the DBS, or with the ECB, they will no longer be cleared for their role/s in cricket that require a DBS. If they cease being a Captain or Coach for example, they may wish to opt out of the Update Service at that stage; they will still be permitted to play or take part in cricket in roles that do not require a DBS.

The ECB has been using the DBS Update Service for over 3 years now. Therefore any volunteers receiving a reminder to renew their DBS in 2021, will either have opted out of the DBS Update Service (so will need to complete a new DBS Disclosure), or will not have informed the ECB they are a member of the Update Service, and should do so on the form the ECB will provide them with.

Paid Roles – New Information:

If a Coach/other applies for a paid role DBS (applicable if they get paid for their role in excess of out of pocket expenses) they MUST now join the DBS Update Service, or face increased costs. The ECB will be rechecking their DBS yearly and if they are not a member of the Update Service, they will need to apply for a new DBS every year. The cost of a DBS is £40 for paid roles and the DBS charge £13 annually for Update Service membership so it is much cheaper to join the Update Service. When they complete their application form, they should follow the links provided by the ECB to join the Update Service.

Clubs checking their members have a DBS

As part of the new Safe Hands Management System, Clubs will be able to see at a glance which members of their Club (who require a DBS for their role) have an up to date DBS, and which members do not. This is being gradually introduced in January, initially starting with Clubmark Clubs, and it is hoped all clubs will have access to this in the future. This is the only accurate way clubs can check someone’s current DBS status, unless they contact Kent Cricket and ask us to.