Safe Hands Management System 2022

Friday 18th February 2022

Safeguarding remains a key priority in cricket as we look to make cricket a safe and fun place for our current and future players.

Following a successful launch in 2021, the ECB are rolling out the Safe Hands Management System (SHMS) to all clubs who run National Programmes or have a Juniors Section in 2022, to help clubs understand and meet their responsibilities in this area. This online tool will link data held in IT systems from across the game, initially sharing information in relation to DBS and Safe Hands qualifications, with further qualifications to be added later.

If this system is of interest to you, and you have not already received an email from us, please get in contact and identify a lead contact who will initiate the process. This person will receive an email giving details and support for what is needed to get the club up and running on the system. All we need from you at this point is the lead contact’s full name and personal email address. It is important that we have the person’s full name and that the email address is a personal email address rather than a shared email account. as we look to match data across our systems.

SHMS will highlight any actions that need to be taken to attain compliance to requirements set out in the ECB’s Safe Hands Policy, so as you look forward to the 2022 season it is worth reviewing who needs to refresh or attain qualifications.

If you need to refresh a DBS and attain a new one, please contact the Community Team.

If your Club Safeguarding Officer needs a new or refreshed qualification, please contact Bridget Owen.

More information will follow shortly but please let us have the initial contact details by 1st March 2022.

Email us your Club Admin details