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Sports Direct donation to Kent Cricket Community Trust

Tuesday 2nd July 2024

Kent Cricket Community Trust received a significant donation from Sports Direct of Slazenger cricket shoes for the First Change Programme. This generous contribution benefits budding cricketers, providing them with essential equipment to enhance their performance and enjoy the sport safely.

This very generous donation by Sports Direct supplements the Trust’s Pre-loved Cricket kit programme supported by Kent Cricket’s Recreational Cricket Clubs across the County. This programme sees lots of cricket bats, pads and gloves kindly donated but access to good footwear for our First Change programme refugees has to date been a real challenge.

For many young players, the right equipment can make a substantial difference in their ability. Recognising this, Sports Direct stepped in to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder young talents from pursuing their passion for cricket.

Sports Direct’s generous donation of cricket shoes is more than a charitable act; it’s an investment in the future of young players and the sport of cricket. By providing essential gear, they are helping to level the playing field, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, has the chance to pursue their sporting dreams.