Women’s Hardball Club League Update

Tuesday 29th June 2021

Despite some poor weather this year, the women’s cricket clubs in Kent have still managed to get some fixtures played during Women’s Big Cricket Month. Below is a summary of the (Regional) Women’s Cricket Southern League Divisions and the Kent Women’s Development League.

In the Premier Division of the Women’s Cricket Southern League, Kent Clubs St Lawrence & Highland Court and Canterbury CC are sitting 4th and 5th respectively, but clear of relegation for now

In the Premier T20 Competition, it’s a mid table affair, with a more comfortable position for both clubs but a lot of cricket still to be played.

In the Women’s Cricket Southern League Championship Division, Kent Club, Hayes CC have had a great start, sitting second in the table, whilst Bells Yew Green are comfortable in mid table.

In the county-run Women’s Development League, we have nine teams this year, Hayes Women entering a 2nd XI for the first time, similar to SLHC CC, who are currently leading the table. We are, however, expecting a lot more cricket to be played in this division, with various weather interruptions getting in the way throughout May and June.

For further, more detailed information on the Women’s Cricket Southern League, please click here and for the Kent Women’s Development League, please click here