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Farbrace – ‘we are lucky to be alive’

Tuesday 3rd March 2009

FORMER Kent coach Paul Farbrace admitted that he and the Sri Lankan players and staff were all very lucky to get away with their lives after the team coach was attacked by masked gunmen whilst en-route to the Gaddafi Stadium at Lahore despite the presence of an armed police escort.

’As we approached the stadium there was a series of loud explosions and then instructions to hit the floor, which we all did. It was this that probably saved lives – and the skill of our coach driver who got us away from everything that was going off around us.

’When we reached the Gaddafi Stadium we were surrounded by armed soldiers who managed to get us through to the security of the dressing room.

’I’m so grateful that I am still alive, but at the same time so desperately sorry that many people lost their lives doing their jobs and their best to protect us.’

After treatment in the dressing room, the Sri Lankan players and officials were air-lifted from the stadium in a Pakistani military helicopter (pictured).

Picture courtesy of AAMIRQURESHI/AFP/Getty Images