Kent Clubs ‘on Tour’ Challenge

Monday 29th June 2020

Kent Clubs ‘on Tour’ Challenge

Kent Cricket’s Community Team has announced their second challenge for cricket clubs across the county to participate in, alongside the on-going Level 1 Umpiring contest.

James Moss, Kent Cricket’s Community Cricket Officer, said, “Throughout the four weekends in July, we would like clubs to unite their members in their preferred form of physical activity to see how many countries the Kent cricket community can virtually visit across the globe!

“Whether it be in isolation, or in adherence to social-distancing regulations permitted under the government guidelines, any form of physical activity is permitted. Participants can choose to keep it traditional with a walk, jog or cycle, or be creative and go for an open water swim, roller skate or kayak, as long as you can measure how far you travel.

“Following on from the tremendous success of The Rainbow Run, we want to help give clubs something to unite their members in the absence of cricket. We hope that this provides the stimulus to keep members engaged whilst also keeping them fit for when we can return to the pitch.”

We know that a number of clubs are already doing similar events and doing so with incredible success, but for those who haven’t already gone down that road here are two ideas to inspire your members, in addition to the internal competition…

Raise money for your club
Before you go down this route, make sure that you can clearly articulate WHAT you are raising money for, HOW MUCH it is that you need and be REALISTIC about the target that you set. There are a number of different platforms out there which you can use to collect funds. ECB have this year partnered with SpaceHive which remains open for you to use, but at this time the financial incentive is not available. Or if you are feeling confident, Sport England have partnered with CrowdFunder with some substantial match funding on offer of up to £10,000.

Please be aware, there are lots of platforms out there to choose from and please carefully check the terms, conditions and fees associated with each, as many will not collect the funds unless you hit your target.

Raise money for charity
If you do not wish to do this for your own club funds, then why not do it for a charity? Bearsted CC recently raised over £10,000 for Brain Tumour Research, it is very simple to create a page on JustGiving and pick from the registered charities.

Great! How do we get involved?

Pick your destination!
Choose a country from the International Cricket Council members, either full or associate

Calculate the distance that you need to cover in miles
For consistency we suggest everyone uses

Confirm your purpose
Raising funds for the club, a charity or just for fun

Email James Moss with the answers to questions 1 to 3

Get your members ready!
The challenge will accumulate your mileage over the four weekends in July, starting from Saturday the 4th July.

How do we track it?
That is entirely up to you as the club. There are plenty of apps that will do this, or you have just use a simple spreadsheet. You can download a blank version of the image below by clicking here.

Share it!
Once you’re on the way, remember to share it far and wide and include us on twitter. We’ve pulled together a template image that you can add your club details to. Download the blank copy here.


Technically, it doesn’t have to be a weekend

Naturally some of your members will work shifts or have other commitments at weekends which impact on their availability. So people can log their exercises on other days of the week.

You don’t have to do it every weekend
In theory each member can log up to 8 days of exercise in July, but if they only want to log 1 day then that’s fine too and still adds to your total.

You decide how often you request updates.
Our template showed a day-by-day log of the distances that your members cover, but if you’d rather get them to submit their miles once a week or once a fortnight, then crack on. Just share your progress with us when you know.