Kent Cricket Board established as Company Limited by Guarantee

Saturday 1st October 2011

1 October 2011 is the date when the Kent Cricket Board became a Company Limited by Guarantee.

This date represents the completion of a lengthy process designed to ensure the achievement of a number of objectives, namely:

  1. * To establish corporate governance procedures within the KCB which enable the Board to meet the standards of a high performing County Board
  2. * To maintain the rights of all stakeholders in the game in the County to a place in the Board’s decision making
  3. * To remove the open ended liability of volunteer officers.

In practice, to the world at large, the way the Board runs will remain the same. The Development Team based at Canterbury become employees of the new company and will continue their work in liaison with the newly formed Operational Management Committee. The various sub groups of the Board – Coaches, Officials, Districts, Schools, Women's and Girls' Clubs also continue in place and will operate as before.