Match day parking – Limitations at Simon Langton Girls Grammar School

Wednesday 4th May 2011

Men’s First Team

Three further County Championship matches willbe affected by limitations to car parking space at Simon Langton Girls College. Whilst the opening match, against Gloucestershire, was not adversely affected by the restricted parking when school was in, since then the Club has lost access to approximately 80 spaces. This is due to examinations being in progress and one parking area posing a health and safety risk.

The change has been brought to the Club’s attention at a late stage and they are currently working through, with the school options for increasing spaces available. Speaking on behalf of the Club, CEO Jamie Clifford noted that, ‘we are very conscious of how upsetting to many of our members this situation is. We communicated that the five matches that clashed with in school time were going to pose a special challenge for us. After successfully navigating our way through the Gloucestershire match we are now facing a bigger challenge with the restriction to numbers. We are also very appreciative of the support ofthe school, both in the past and this year and will be making every effort to come up with the best solution for all.’

Upcoming matches likely to affected include:

Wednesday 4 – Friday 6 May: Northampton v Canterbury

Tuesday 24 – Friday 28 May: Derbyshire v Canterbury

Wednesday 31 August – 1 September: Essex v Canterbury

Monday 12 – Thursday 15 September: Glamorgan v Canterbury

No other matches willface the current restrictions, and weekend parking conditions remain unchanged. All car parking is sold on the basis of the availability of sufficient space. Should Simon Langton Girls Grammar School be full, alternative parking is at Canterbury Park and Ride –facilities details below:

Canterbury Park and Ride

Canterbury Park and Ride operations from Monday to Saturday, 7am to 7:30pm. For £2.50 per car, a driver and up to six passengers can travel, with buses operating approximately every 8 minutes from each site. More information and a map of the Park and Ride route can be found on the Canterbury City Council website: Canterbury Park and Ride