Match Report: Derbyshire vs. Kent Spitfires

Match Report: Derbyshire vs. Kent Spitfires

Kent Spitfires were washed out against Derbyshire at the Incora County Ground in the Royal London Cup.

The Spitfires will need two victories from their last two home matches and hope that the home crowd at The Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence creates ‘Fortress Canterbury’ to help them into the Quarter Finals of the tournament.

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The abandonment of the Group B match against Kent at the Incora County Ground, Derby, left both teams chances in the balance with only two games remaining.

But Derbyshire have also been deducted two points for all-rounder Mattie McKiernan using a bat which failed a gauge test in the group game against Hampshire at Derby last Friday, and are now out of competition.

McKiernan was charged and accepted a breach of ECB Directives 3.2 and 3.3 after he used a bat which failed the test during and after the match due to excessive tape being applied.

Even before the penalty was announced, Derbyshire and Kent needed a win but heavy rain throughout Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning left the outfield saturated and the game was called-off after a third inspection at 14:15.

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Kent coach Simon Cook said: “You want to try and carry on momentum so it’s very frustrating.

“But when you walk out there you can see the water coming up underneath your feet. It’s an unusual situation where we’ve had that extremely dry weather for the last month, so the water is just sitting in that top inch of turf.

“We’re in a position where we need results to go our way and we’ve got to win the next two home games at Canterbury. We’ll be looking forward to Yorkshire and Lancashire.”

Kent take on both Yorkshire & Lancashire at The Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence in the Royal London Cup during the Summer Holidays

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