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Redevelopment Update with Mike Hill – Project Director

Friday 21st January 2011

The multi-million pound overhaul of the Club’s facilities at the St Lawrence Ground is continuing at a fast pace.

Mike Hill is Project Director and gives us the very latest on developments at Canterbury.

•The construction works now impact most of the ground and this is clearly visible. The reinstatement works are progressing and, although the weather has been against them, the contractors have continued to work through it.

•The Nackington Road Entrance has been completely re-shaped and widened, reaching formation level with a new road layout now clearly defined.

•The road is now continuing past the outdoor 5-a-side football pitch to form a link between the Ames Levett and the Nackington Road Entrance

A new section of road is also under construction to provide service access to the Les Ames Stand.

•The Les Ames Stand has now been completely stripped out and refurbishment works will commence shortly to provide an enhanced and improved function and entertaining facility for spectators. This will accommodate an open plan ‘Sports Bar“ on the ground floor with high quality hospitality boxes on the first floor. The building will also be re-clad.

•Three of the massive 5.00m x 5.00m foundation bases for the floodlights have now been excavated with one base completed, and the bolts cast into the concrete, in readiness to receive the first floodlight stanchion.

•The roof to the Players changing rooms has now been completely removed and works have commenced on the construction of the additional floor to this building. You can see more in the photograph, which accompanies this story.

•The Chiesman Stand“s new entrance foundations have been completed and the manufacture of the steelwork for the frame is nearing completion. Construction on this will commence at the end of the month.

•The fit-out of the ground floor of the Chiesman is progressing, with improvements being made to the layout and original features being restored.

•Works have commenced on the Cowdrey building, with enhancement works underway. The improvement to both the Cornwallis and Harris Rooms will provide updated facilities with an improved finish.

•The upgrade to the incoming statutory utilities (electric, gas and water) will be progressed this month and associated construction works are currently progressing.

Picture by Sarah Ansell