Kent Cricket Ground Regulations 2023

Issued by Simon Storey, Chief Executive, January 2023.

View Kent Cricket’s Ground Regulations [PDF]

  1. All matches are played in adherence to the rules and regulations of the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB).
  2. Play cannot be guaranteed on any day.
  3. In the event of little or no play on any day, please refer to the conditions of sale on the Kent Cricket website (
  4. All persons entering the ground shall have either paid for admission and have received an appropriate ticket or be in possession of a valid Membership/Ticket Bundle pass or other pass issued by Kent Cricket or the ECB. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. By entering the ground, all persons are acknowledging that photographs or audio-visual recordings may be taken of them, and may be used for any safety or security, promotional, training, or marketing purposes by Kent Cricket and/or the ECB (including commercial partners and accredited media organisations) and entry into the Ground constitutes consent to such use.
  6. All persons must comply with instructions and directions given by Club Officials, Stewards and Police Officers.
  7. Kent Cricket reserves the right to refuse admission to any person, or eject any person from the ground.
  8. Kent Cricket may shut areas of the ground, stands and admission gates from time to time. There will be no re-admittance for T20 fixtures.
  9. Kent Cricket, in all its activities, is fully committed to the principles of equality of opportunity in cricket in England and Wales and aims to ensure that no individual is discriminated against on the grounds of: age; disability; race; religion or belief; sex; sexual orientation; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnerships; and pregnancy and/or maternity. Kent Cricket will take whatever action is necessary to uphold these principles against anyone that acts to undermine them.
  10. Admission and the right to remain within the ground is strictly on condition that spectators shall not commit any of the following acts:
    1. Failing to comply with directions given by a Steward, Police Officer or Kent Cricket Official.
    2. Going onto the playing area during play or when requested not to do so.
    3. Throwing or discharging missiles of any description is prohibited. The use of hard balls in any designated playing area are not allowed.
    4. Obstructing access routes or emergency exits. Climbing on any building, wall or fence.
    5. Defacing any notice on Kent Cricket premises, writing any graffiti or causing damage to Kent Cricket property.
    6. Using indecent or offensive language, or engaging in inappropriate chanting. The making of racial, homophobic or any other discriminatory or abusive comments and/or actions is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate ejection from the venue and possible further action, including a ban for one or more matches.
    7. Interfering with the enjoyment or safety of other spectators. Radios may only be used with ear pieces or headphones.
    8. Bringing firearms or dangerous objects or weapons into the venue.
    9. Bringing barbeques or gas cylinders into the venue.
    10. Selling any items on the ground without the prior permission of Kent Cricket.
    11. Smoking, Vaping or use of an Electronic Cigarette is not allowed in the stands, seats, club shop, bars, marquees or eating areas.
    12. Dogs are the only pets allowed into the venue. However, they must be under the complete control of the owner. Owners must clean up after their dogs, and dogs must be kept on short leads at all times. Dogs are not permitted in areas where unpackaged food is served. Only assistance dogs are allowed into T20 or International fixtures.
  11. All vehicles on Kent Cricket grounds are parked at the owner’s risk and parking cannot be guaranteed. Vehicles must not be left overnight. Vehicles must always adhere to 5mph speed restrictions and to the traffic management plan when in place.
  12. Spectators do not have the right to choose where they park and windscreens must be covered at all times when sun reflection could interfere with play.
  13. Please check the Kent Cricket website and your ticket for policies relating to bringing alcohol into the grounds. On matches where alcohol is permitted, this is limited to four cans/bottles of beer/cider or one bottle of wine. No alcohol should be brought back into the ground by persons on re-admittance. There is a designated family/alcohol-free area for all matches. Guidance for where this section is can be found online.
  14. Kent Cricket reserve the right to close bars at any time and restrict the consumption of alcohol to anyone in particular or as a whole.
  15. Any bags left unattended may be removed.
  16. Kent Cricket accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property or injury to persons whilst on Kent County Cricket Club’s premises.
  17. Flags and banners are permitted into the venue, provided that, in the opinion of the management, they do not: contain offensive, vulgar, political, racial or discriminatory symbols or messaging; display advertising which may in any way impinge or be in conflict with the rights of partners/sponsors/suppliers; impact the view of other spectators. The flag or banner must also have a valid fire safety certificate.
  18. Anti-Courtsider Provision:

Under no circumstances may any person at the ground use a mobile telephone, computer or other kind of communication device either:

  • to communicate or in any way transmit any form of commentary, data or other material in relation to a cricket match taking place at the ground for any kind of improper betting or other corrupt or unlawful purpose; or
  • (ii) to conduct betting activity in a public pitch-facing part of the ground in a way which, in Kent Cricket’s (or its appointed nominee’s) opinion, otherwise brings the other spectators or Kent Cricket into disrepute or which offends (or is likely to offend) other spectators.

a). Any person who is reasonably suspected by Kent Cricket or ECB official of acting in breach of the provision unconditionally accepts and agrees that they will co-operate with any enquiries made by Kent Cricket/ECB official. This includes providing their name and address, an explanation for their suspicious conduct and agreeing that they may photographed or filmed by the Kent Cricket or ECB official. Personal data collected will be processed in accordance with Data Protection Act 2018.

  1. Reserving seats for people not on the ground is not within the spirit of fair play and spectators are therefore asked to show consideration for others. Kent Cricket reserves the right to remove any items ‘reserving’ such seats.
  2. It is not permissible to add to the height of a seat or bring in a seat which obstructs the view of those sat behind.
  3. Spectators are asked to wear a top at all times around the ground and in the stands.
  4. The spreading of ashes can only take place after agreement with Kent Cricket.
  5. The flying of drones above any part of the venue is prohibited without the specific authority from The Civil Aviation Authority and Kent Cricket.
  6. Musical instruments and other noise making devices will be confiscated where their continued use causes nuisance and annoyance to other spectators.