We can provide four different levels of report and guidance for cricket ground-staff who are working with clubs affiliated to Kent Cricket, ranging from informal guidance to the extensive ECB PQS (Performance Quality Standards) Pitch Report.

  • Tier 1 – Informal Guidance
    Duration:  1 hour, approximately
    Cost: £50 + Mileage

This visit will be carried out by one of our support team who are all experienced ground-staff. These visits are typically most beneficial for either new or inexperienced ground-staff who are looking for a few pointers. The notes from a Tier 1 visit cannot be used as support or evidence for projects or applications. A Tier 1 visit may highlight the need for a more in-depth report.

  • Tier 2 – ECB Short Report
    Duration: – 2 hours, approximately
    Cost: £140 + Mileage

The ECB Short Report takes the key criteria from the PQS Report (Tier 3) and includes visual examination of 2 to 3 cores. This report would be a sensible investment for a club who have little or no prior knowledge of the history of their square and are looking for some structured advice, as well as a point of reference.

  • Tier 3 – ECB PQS Report
    Duration: 2+ hours
    Cost: £350 + Mileage

The ECB PQS Report is an extensive and formal document that can only be carried out by a recognised ECB Pitch Advisor. As part of the report the advisor will submit soil samples for laboratory analysis (included in the price) which then formulate part of the findings.

This report is often requested by clubs as they climb the Kent Cricket League divisions, to ensure that they have a suitable standard of wicket to play in the Premier Division. It may also be used as evidence to justify significant works to be carried out on the cricket square.

Click here to download an example ECB PQS Report of the fictional “Seam Up CC”

  • Tier 4 – ECB PQS Report – Follow Up

Only relevant to those who have a historical PQS Report (Tier 3). In this case contact James Moss who can work with you to plan which elements need to be re-assessed and then estimate a price.

We generally refer to either ‘Formal Training’ or ‘Informal Seminars’.

Formal Training Courses

The Grounds Management Association (GMA) are the training partner of the ECB and deliver a range of formal training courses. The most popular are the Level 1 Cricket Courses, which focus on either ‘in season’ or ‘renovation’, previously known as the Foundation A/B ‘Spring’ or ‘Autumn’ courses.

For more information on formal training courses, please visit The GMA website. You can also search here for available courses. With sufficient demand Kent Cricket can liaise with The GMA to host a course locally. Typically this happens every two years and is communicated via our newsletters.


Maintaining a cricket facility can be a thankless task and we have seen great support for short, relatively informal seminars where like-minded ground-staff  can get together over some refreshments to talk ‘turf’. Our seminars generally take place of an evening for between 2 and 3 hours, led by an industry expert or one of our ECB Pitch Advisors who prepare a brief talk or demonstration, followed by a general question and answer session.

The ECB Pitch Doctor videos are a series of short, hands-on clips that demonstrate some of the typical tasks that volunteer and recreational ground-staff will benefit from understanding. In this playlist you can find the following topics:

  1. Pre-season rolling & marking your square
  2. Final pitch marking and preparation
  3. Repairing footholes
  4. Follow-through and general repairs
  5. Maintaining nets
  6. Plugging
  7. Pitch preparation
  8. Over-seeding and calibration