• Simon Storey

    Simon Storey

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul Downton

    Paul Downton

    Director of Cricket

  • Karl Smith

    Karl Smith

    Finance Director

  • Andy Griffiths

    Andy Griffiths

    Director of Partnerships

  • Tanya Nicholls

    Tanya Nicholls

    PA to Chief Executive Officer

  • Becca Smith

    Becca Smith

    Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Barrie Dyer

    Barrie Dyer

    Retail Manager

  • Liam Knight

    Liam Knight

    Communications and Content Executive

  • James Mason

    James Mason

    Digital Marketing and Membership Executive

  • Kirsty Darr

    Kirsty Darr

    Finance and Office Executive

  • James Moss

    James Moss

    Interim Head of Community

  • Helen Fagg

    Helen Fagg

    Community Cricket Officers (Girls)

  • Matthew Fagg

    Matthew Fagg

    Community Cricket Officer

  • Adam Hodder

    Adam Hodder

    Community Cricket Officer

  • Dave Hathrill

    Dave Hathrill

    Community Coach

  • James Reid

    James Reid

    Community Cricket Officer

  • Warren Bull

    Warren Bull

    Community Coach

  • Adrian Crust

    Adrian Crust

    Community Coach

  • Brian Gasking

    Brian Gasking

    Community Coach

  • Bridget Owen

    Bridget Owen

    County Welfare Officer

  • Louise Ward

    Louise Ward

    Community Cricket Administrator

  • Adrian Llong

    Adrian Llong

    Head Groundsman

  • Riley Nicholson

    Riley Nicholson

    Assistant Head Groundsman

  • Jess Jackson

    Jess Jackson

    Lead Groundsman, Beckenham

  • Phil Smith

    Phil Smith

    Safety Officer

  • Martin Gall

    Martin Gall

    Maintenance Manager, The Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence

  • Mike White

    Mike White

    Maintenance Assistant

  • Josh Marden

    Josh Marden


  • Steve Martin

    Steve Martin


  • Anthony Roberts

    Anthony Roberts


  • Jason Bull

    Jason Bull

    Groundsman, Beckenham

  • Joel Elsdon

    Joel Elsdon

    Assistant Groundsman, Beckenham

  • Joe Bishop

    Joe Bishop

    Assistant Groundsman, Beckenham

  • Anna Spencer

    Anna Spencer

    Venue Operations Manager

  • Nigel Bell

    Nigel Bell

    Head Chef

  • Matt Kingsland

    Matt Kingsland

    Events & Conferences Manager - Canterbury