The whole of cricket is delivering a wide-ranging Action Plan to fight discrimination & become more inclusive, including:

  • Increasing the understanding & education of equity, diversity & inclusion (EDI) across all levels of cricket.
  • Reviewing dressing room cultures in professional teams (domestic & international).
  • Removing barriers in talent pathways to aid the progress of people from diverse backgrounds into professional teams.
  • Creating a welcoming environment for all, including tackling abusive crowd behaviour & upgraded education across the whole game.

Kent Cricket has set-up its own EDI Policy & Action Plan to compliment ECB’s actions to improve the EDI landscape across cricket in the county.

View Kent Cricket’s EDI Action Plan (March 2024)

Our Purpose:

  • Giving everyone in Kent a reason to a smile through the power of cricket at the heart of the community.

Our Belief:

  • We believe everyone in Kent should be able to have a high quality & entertaining experience of cricket that is accessible to all.

Our 2024 Ambition:

  • More people from more diverse backgrounds than ever before will be watching, playing or following cricket.

In 2024, our EDI Action Plan is based on the four strategic pillars below which will help to give an honest appraisal of our inclusion journey:

Developing and maintaining inclusive environments to ensure everyone feels safe, welcome, and included at Kent Cricket.

Empowering people to drive positive change across cricket, by continuing to train and educate, embedding knowledge and skill across all levels of the organisation.

Maintaining a diverse and inclusive leadership, staff and Talent Pathway and ensuring results are owned and measured.

Being widely engaging to create opportunities for everyone across Kent and including our London Boroughs.

Latest EDI updates from Kent Cricket

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Kent Cricket Community Trust (KCCT) & Community Team

Cricket has a unique ability to connect communities & improve lives. It is a sport that transcends generations & has the ability to reach beyond a diverse range of social boundaries in a way that few other sports do.

Kent Cricket Community Trust (KCCT) aims to make a positive impact in Our Community by engaging with individuals & social groups that can become, & often do feel, isolated.

Kent Cricket’s Community Team aims to have thriving cricket clubs & schools at the heart of the community providing a high-quality experience which is accessible to all; with an ambition to inspire a generation to say that ‘Cricket is a game for me’.

Ongoing Projects

  • No Boundaries programme

    No Boundaries programme

    A responsive community initiative by Kent Cricket Community Trust, that can be delivered in response to identified hot-spot areas of youth related anti-social behaviour

    More Info
  • First Change programme

    First Change programme

    Regular cricket sessions set up by the Kent Cricket Community Trust, engaging with those arriving in the UK as refugees or asylum seekers

    More Info
  • 50 Overs programme

    50 Overs programme

    Cricket and Tea & Walking Cricket events hosted by Kent Cricket Community Trust, aimed at those aged 50 & above

    More Info
  • Disability cricket

    Disability cricket

    Kent Cricket's Community Team works to increase the accessibility of cricket for people with disabilities

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  • Women's & Girls' cricket

    Women's & Girls' cricket

    Supporting the growth & development of Women's & Girls' cricket across clubs in Kent

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  • Porchlight work

    Kent Cricket Community Trust have linked with Porchlight, Kent’s largest charity for homeless & vulnerable people. KCCT coordinated a taster cricket session, coached by the Kent Community Team for a group who are being supported by Porchlight.

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  • Work with the Amber Foundation

    Work with the Amber Foundation

    Kent Cricket Community Trust has been working with The Amber Foundation, which is a national charity supporting young homeless people with housing & life skills.

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  • Safeguarding & Welfare

    Safeguarding & Welfare

    Information on Safeguarding & Welfare for the recreational game

    More Info
  • Recreational cricket

    Recreational cricket

    League cricket, junior programmes, women's & girls' club cricket & more

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Reporting discrimination

We stand against discrimination in all its forms & are committed to ensuring that cricket is a game for everyone.

If you have experienced or witnessed discrimination, you can report it to Kent Cricket via email at or directly to the ECB via their website here.

Report discrimination [via ECB]

Any reports will then be reviewed by either Kent Cricket or the ECB depending on where it has been reported & investigated by the relevant cricket organisation.

Whistle blowing

Kent Cricket is committed to developing a culture where it is safe & acceptable for all those involved in our sport to raise concerns about unacceptable practice & misconduct.

Whistle blowing can involve sharing potentially vital information about health & safety risks, environmental factors, fraud, harm of children or adults at risk, or covering up for someone.

It is the duty of everyone within Kent Cricket to speak up about genuine concerns & disclose them.

This Policy applies to all Kent Cricket employees, volunteers, coaches, players, clubs & board members.

View Kent Cricket’s Whistle Blowing Policy (January 2023)