At Kent Cricket we consider our work with schools as a crucial part of growing and sustaining the game.

We are extremely fortunate to receive funding as a delivery partner of Chance to Shine. This partnership enables us to deliver curriculum cricket sessions to around 150 primary schools each year. However, with over 600 within Kent it is also important that we support teachers to develop the necessary confidence to deliver cricket independently.

As part of their nationwide support, Chance to Shine have made their ‘Whole School Programme’ lesson plans available free of charge. Find out more below.

Delivering Cricket for Primary Ages

You can access the same lesson plans that our Community Coaches deliver in primary schools. There are six, one-hour plans to follow across a term for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Available as downloadable PDFs and with an accompanying video, like the one below.

Each plan is co-written by the Youth Sport Trust and features:

  • National Curriculum link
  • Physical Focus
  • Life Skill Focus
  • Keys to Success

To access the downloadable PDFs, you will need to create a free account.

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Rapid Fire is aimed at Key Stage 1 and is a fast-paced but simple game for the pupils to understand. The game is designed to minimise any time spent inactive and even involves the batters who are waiting, by having them cheer and count the score of their teammates. Fielding is a team effort, with more kit to collect than children per team, so nobody should be left standing around!

Each game only takes around 15 minutes and uses a controlled playing area which means you can have multiple games running at once.

Want to play? Watch the 80 second video below which explains how the game works. Rapid Fire was added as a badged event to the Kent School Games in 2020, so there should be an opportunity for you to play nearby.

Building on the success of Kwik Cricket, Dynamos Schools has been designed to deliver an exciting new brand of competition connecting to the elite via The Hundred.

Dynamos Schools introduces children to the countdown cricket format and provides a consistent experience across schools and clubs.

As the ‘official format’ for Cricket, you can download all of the latest information from your Youth Sports Trust portal, or download the ‘Teacher Pack‘ ahead of the first year of Dynamos Schools in 2022.

Kent Cricket will continue to run a County Finals for the following age groups:

  • Year 5 & 6 (mixed)
  • Year 5 & 6 (girls only)
  • Year 3 & 4 (mixed)

For information on your local event, please contact your School Games Organiser. And for information regarding Dynamos Schools Finals, please contact Matthew Fagg.

Download the Countdown Cricket App to your phone or tablet. [Android] [iPhone]

Paper Scoresheet

If using the App isn’t possible, there you can download and print a paper scoresheet.

Chance to Shine

  • Whole School Programme

    Our excellent team of Community Coaches deliver Chance to Shine across the county. The aims of the programme are simple, yet ambitious.

    • Inspire children to be excited about the sport
    • Teach pupils how to play cricket
    • Ensure that they learn academic and life skills whilst they take part
    • Support staff to teach the sport and to develop a culture of cricket within the school
    • Encourage schools to compete, internally or taking part in a local tournament
    • Help children to take the next steps to progress on their cricketing journey

    The resources and session plans that are followed by Chance to Shine coaches across the country are co-written by Create-Develop and the Youth Sports Trust. Any teacher can register for access to the session plans and videos, free of charge via the Chance to Shine portal.

    We are heavily over-subscribed for schools who wish to receive direct delivery from our staff and have the tough challenge of balancing ‘the need’ of a school along with our commitment to delivering a complete and sustainable programme whilst also supporting local out-of-school opportunities. If you believe that your school is a perfect fit for the programme, then please contact Matthew Fagg and outline why you believe your school should be a priority.

  • Chance to Shine in Action

    To get a glimpse of what the Chance to Shine programme looks like, as well as seeing some of our coaches in action, please see the two videos below.

    To view the full list of our Community Coaches, please click here and then click on the ‘Community’ tab.