Kent Cricket Community Trust (KCCT) runs two successful Over 50s programmes.  

Following the joy of our Cricket and Tea events Kent Cricket Community Trust has also developed a Walking Cricket programme with sessions throughout Kent.  

 The Cricket and Tea events were aimed at attracting past players, those looking for a new activity or the opportunity to get active. The events provide an hour of cricket coaching followed by a cricket tea. Community health and wellbeing organisations are invited to attend the teas to promote other local activities and support. The Cricket and Tea events are Kent Cricket Community Trust’s pop-up walking cricket tasters and are organised according to need.  

From these Cricket and Tea events, Kent Cricket Community Trust has launched weekly Walking Cricket practices throughout Kent. Walking Cricket has been developing across the UK over the last 10 years, with the aim to make cricket accessible for all ages and abilities. It is still the traditional game of cricket but has been adapted to a slower paced version of the game, using a softer ball and is usually played indoors. 

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Key outcomes of this project include:

  • Providing physical activity for those aged 50 & over
  • Supporting people to, or be able to, play cricket
  • Providing a new activity to those who have never tried the game
  • Providing an opportunity for social interaction

Activities in the 50 Overs program will be run in community sports venues, supported by community health & wellbeing organisations to provide information on local activities & support.

Positive feedback from those who have attended the 50 Overs activities includes:

“We enjoyed our introduction to cricket. It was lovely to see my husband catching and throwing a ball. He suffers from Alzheimer’s and was totally involved” 

“Wonderful –The best thing we have been to for ages. It is a sport we could all enjoy. My husband has a diagnosis of Dementia, and it was lovely to see him laugh and enjoy some time with everyone. Also, the tea & food was excellent”

“Doing this limited exercise has changed my attitude and I have lost 20lb in two months with this and other exercise and a healthy diet”