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Blakey’s Blog

Wednesday 9th March 2011

It seems as though Farby has given you ball-by-ball commentary from the World Cup in his latest blog, so I won’t bore you any further with that. Upon returning home I will be sure to mention to Paul that we do have television sets ourselves and can understand what’s happening! I will say it was nice to see England bounce back against South Africa after the defeat to Ireland though, and hopefully it stands us in good stead to qualify for the next stages.

So my days in Leeds are drawing to a conclusion, which is a bit saddening to say the least. University has been a very enjoyable chapter in my life, and I will miss the friends I’ve made, the university aura, and the city hugely… not so much the work. But where one avenue closes a new one opens and this will allow my full commitment to the coming season. Tomorrow I make the long and tedious trip down the M1. And I have to say I look forward to catching up with the other lads on Friday. It’ll be good to see what everyone’s been up to over these cold and wet months and if there’s any stories flying around; Colesy is always good for one! The fitness testing that will follow isn’t so appealing as strength and conditioning coach Pete Kelly puts us through our paces.

It also means tomorrow is my last game in the green and white of Leeds Met Hockey, and I hope to leave on a high. We beat the Leeds Uni scum last week in an enthralling battle, and it keeps us joint top with the University of Hull. With our two remaining games against Hull, it is set up for an emphatic finish. A win and a draw will see us crowned champions so hopefully I can play my part in a crucial victory tomorrow.

Suppose I should add my bit on the football front. I see Farbs has decided to start talking about Chelsea now that they have won a couple of games. Didn’t hear so much from him after the defeat to Everton on penalties. My side Spurs continue to hold their own in both the league and the European cup which is nice to see. Obviously this evening is a massive occasion at the Lane and I pray we can do away with Milan… Bale and Van der Vaart at the ready!

The next time I write on here will be after two days outside in the nets at Canterbury. Let’s hope the weather stays fine and we hit the ground running in what I hope will be a very productive pre-season.