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Coach’s Corner – Farby’s Blog – 16 March

Wednesday 16th March 2011

Apologies for my Tuesday blog becoming a Wednesday blog, but as you can imagine a lot has happened in the last 48 hours. Flights, hotel rooms, practice facilities and food all needed to be found!!

From Sunday morning when it became obvious following poor weather over the weekend, that the nets and middle needed at least a week to dry, an overseas trip needed planning.

Jamie Clifford was right behind the suggestion, Rob was then involved and Wilco and I set about our contacts list.

Sri Lanka, India, South Africa and Dubai all became options. India then fell at the first with five working days needed to obtain VISAs. Colombo next to go on a few complications. By Sunday night it was SA or Dubai.

Rod Marsh confirmed all that we needed at the ICC Global Cricket Academy in Dubai by Monday lunchtime. Simon secured the flights. The key people at the club, Chairman, Chairman of Cricket and Treasurer all backed the plan and agreed with the numbers and everything was confirmed.

Hectic doesn't begin to tell the story, but Willis at last had done a fantastic job.

So I'm sat here at Heathrow waiting for a flight with 12 players and 3 other staff.

Sadly yesterday I had to drive up to Wakefield in West Yorkshire for a family funeral. This was something I wanted to be at and although added to the rush I wouldn't have missed.

It did give me time to reflect, that whilst we had to work hard to pull this off, other people are having much tougher times and it does keep some perspective on things.

No time this week to chat about the world cup, Blakey will be pleased. Although I do hope by the time I write again that England are still in the WC!

Now we are at the airport I am looking forward to the brilliant facilities at the GCA. Rod Marsh will be there to look after us and we will have guaranteed sunshine.
Going to be in the air when Chelsea move to the next stage of the champions league, but you can't have it all.

Best wishes,