Coach’s Corner – Farby’s Blog – 24 August

Wednesday 24th August 2011

Winning is certainly a habit, and one I think we have all quite enjoyed for the last couple of weeks. The team's performances have been very good, and I`m sure have given alot of people alot of pleasure.

It really was an excellent team performance to beat Middlesex at Canterbury last Tuesday night in front of the Sky cameras, and I had to walk away from the TV at points, listening to some of the nonsense being talked by the so-called experts. It just seemed that we had turned up to make the numbers up, and watch the visitors coast to another victory. Every team I have been with, the TV is always on when the game is live, and our dressing room is no exception, but I do think the sound should be turned off.

The run chase was very enjoyable and I really enjoyed watching the way the guys played to chase down a pretty decent score. It was a good pitch and got better under the lights –the new lights are as good as any in the country and are right up there with any in world cricket. Wahab should also take a lot of credit for keeping the Middlesex score down with some fantastic end of innings bowling.

The four day win was a different sort of a win, it was hard work from start to finish and I thought that just about everybody made a contribution to the win. Rob and Joe at the beginning got stuck in and applied themselves really well. The pitch was tough and it was hard to score, and batting was tough on all four days.

Bowling wise, Stevo again showed his skill, but I thought it was Matt Coles' best bowling performance in Championship cricket by a long way. He bowled with good pace and very good control, he has worked hard since getting back from injury and deserved his success.

I missed the whole day on Friday, and was really pleased at the close of play to hear that the lads had fought well to be in the game with a day to go. Azhar yet again showing how good a player he is, and he has thrived on the responsibility with the bat this year.

I arrived during the lunch interval on Saturday to see Stevo take two wickets straight away and reduce the visitors to 30 for 4. He has been outstanding with the ball, and looked like taking a wicket with every ball. I have said for a while now, when Keysy has bowling options and we are able to put out a decent attack we can beat anybody, this has certainly been proved to be correct in the last few weeks.

Last night's win was probably as enjoyable as we have had this season, and the reason being that it looked a great effort in the field, and we showed great fight to not only stay in the game after falling away with the bat, then not quite getting it right up front with the ball. The two Adams showed maturity and skill and have given everybody real hope that we do have some very talented young lads coming through. DBD excited up front with the bat, and he is certainly going to play some exciting innings.

India to come on Friday, we are playing pretty much the same team as last night, and I think it will be a fantastic experience for our younger players, a full house and against one of the best teams in world cricket. It will be a chance to play without any fear, and enjoy the occasion, and also showcase their skills. The Indians are under huge pressure, and having lost the test series will be determined not to go home having lost the One Day series as well. The pressure their guys play under is incredible, there is no doubt that Sachin Tendulkar is a true legend, to play for the national team for 22 years under that pressure is out of this world. The Indian people love cricket, it is a way of life for them and with a billion people following them, it is hard to comprehend how much pressure they are under. They have to be the most scrutinised sports team in the world, and although the rewards are fantastic, so are the down sides to not winning!!

There has been some speculation in the media about players we are trying to sign, and I have to say there are some interesting names we are being linked with. It is always a tough time of the year for players out of contract, and it does take time to get details sorted. We are working very hard to improve our squad and if we can bring in some extra fire power to the bowling unit that would be great. There are only a small number of bowlers available and we won`t be the only team talking to them. I won`t mention names because that’s not fair on them or their teams, but we are doing all we can. I did have a meeting with a player well up the M1 on Monday, it went very well, and as I was coming out of the hotel another county coach was walking in to talk to the same player!!

I hope that Balcs will be playing on Friday –having signed him for the next month, he then picked up a hamstring injury, but it has taken slightly longer than we all hoped. He is as frustrated at not playing the last few games as anybody.

I`m glad to say the wedding went so well last Friday, and the day even had a cricket flavor. When I met the Vicar of Larkfield at the door to the church, he asked if I was still in touch with Alan Knott, they had been in the same class at school.Chilston Park was also the perfect location for the reception, and the staff there did a fantastic job and treated us so well.

Best wishes,