Stevo’s Blog – 11th August

Thursday 11th August 2011

It’s been a difficult week with the t20 loss at Grace Road on Saturday. The t20 was a strange campaign of ups and downs for us and I don’t think we fulfilled our potential. It was one or two that got us through each of the matches. It was a disappointing result on Saturday – we were the strongest team on paper, especially our bowling.

For me it was difficult going up to Leicester and playing my old side. I still think we were the better side on the day.When you get 203 against a team like Leicester you think you’ve done it, so a loss like that’s hard to take.

T20 is the biggest competition of the year and the best day of the year is the t20 finals day. Keysy was gutted when we lost, we all were. I know Keysy really well and I could see on his face how gutted he was. He’s chirpy so you could tell he was down as he hardly said anything. This hit us all hard. What went wrong was that we didn’t execute our bowling plans. We learnt from what they did and didn’t do but our execution was poor and we kept getting it wrong again and again. We now have five weeks left with nothing to really play for.

But we’re now into Canterbury Cricket Week. This is a great week, and we look forward to the packed crowds. I’ve heard that Derek Underwood and Alan Knott will be here on Thursday. I hope we get to see them and they come andmeet the players. I haven’t met Alan, but I’ve bumped into Deadly on the golf course when I’ve played with Ben Barham up at Chart Hills and he’s pretty inspiring.

Enjoy Canterbury Week,