CEO urges members to return unused tickets

Wednesday 16th June 2021

Men’s First Team

Vitality Blast

CEO urges members to return unused tickets

Latest data from the Club’s new scanning technology has shown that an average of 20% of all seats for Kent Spitfires’ home matches in the Vitality Blast were claimed by Members and not used.

The Club has issued a number of requests for Members to provide at least 48 hours’ notice if they are unable to attend the match.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement that Step Three COVID-19 restrictions will be extended until 19 July, the Club is now planning for a reduced capacity of 1,500 for the rest of the Vitality Blast.

With virtually all matches sold out, every empty seat stops fellow Kent supporters from attending and reduces the Club’s revenue earning potential.

Kent CEO, Simon Storey, said: “The team’s performances at The Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence have been terrific and we want as many supporters as possible to be able to enjoy watching Kent Cricket this year at our ‘Fortress Canterbury’.

“As we head into a huge derby match against Essex Eagles on Sunday at home, I would ask any Member with a ticket that is not planning to attend to tell the Club via at their earliest convenience.

“There are hundreds of supporters keen to watch the Spitfires in action that have so far been unable to access tickets, and the players also deserve to play in front of a full house.

“The new system of named tickets means we plan to contact those Members that have not turned up after reserving tickets more than once to remind them that in the interests of their fellow Kent supporters, they should advise the Club when tickets will not be used.

“It should be tremendous atmosphere inside The Spitfire Ground on Sunday for the Battle of the Bridge, and we all keen for a full house to cheer the players on.”


Essex Eagles travel to The Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence to contest the latest chapter of the ‘Battle of the Bridge’ saga on Father’s Day, Sunday 20 June (14:30 start).

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