ECB County Grants Fund – 2024

Thursday 8th February 2024

The ECB County Grants Fund is now open and applications can be made via the ECB Investment Management System.

During the first two years of the scheme, it has enabled 46 projects to be completed in Kent with a total project value* in excess of £750,000.

* Grant + Partnership Funds = Total Project Value.

Important Context

As the scheme opens in February, enquiries have been received for more than double the available budget. Clubs that have submitted an expression of interest (EOI) or enquired about the scheme, have been asked to confirm their project status by 18-02-2024.

Additional enquiries continue to be welcome. All applicants must accept that there will still be some tough decisions for the panel to make. Whether a club has been successful in a previous round may be a factor, but the strategic importance of the application will still be the primary consideration.

As we seek to stretch the budget as far as possible, smaller projects should carefully consider their available partnership funding. Keeping in mind that some applications are asking for £10,000 grant towards a £50,000+ project.

Electric Machinery

In 2024, national guidance caps any grant towards electric machinery at 25%. Funding machinery continues to be a low priority for Kent.

To discuss ECB County Grants Fund further, please email James Moss.