The Metronomes are coming to Kent

Thursday 12th January 2023

The Metronomes are coming to Kent

The Metronomes, a travelling charity cricket team set up in 2022, are set to debut in Kent in 2023 with an exhibition match against Chevening Amblers in Sevenoaks on Sunday 27 August.

The Metronomes have been built on the goodwill of people and created mainly frrom social media. They have all united behind the same simple message: cricket can positively impact people.

Alongside aiming to get more people involved with the sport, the club raised just under £4000 for the National Autistic Society last year and will look to continue to raise funds for the charity during 2023.

When speaking on his inspiration for setting up the team, co-founder Michael Coleman said: “Seeing the pain others go through from not being accepted was awful.

“So immediately [when setting up the team], we said nobody would be excluded based on who they are.

“What people do is what makes this world either a great or an awful place, so bringing like-minded people together can do immeasurable good for people who may have thought this world would look down on them for just being themselves.”

The team’s passion for making cricket more inclusive and accessible has already started to have an impact within the Kent area.

When speaking about their experience as team members, Kent Cricket supporters Mathew Parker and Charlie Wright have provided an insight into what they think the team brings to the Kent area.

Wright elaborated: “[Before joining The Metronomes] I hadn’t played cricket for over ten years when I initially joined, and now I’m playing for two clubs and making the odd appearance for a third!

“I put that all down to how welcoming and encouraging everyone has been and the amazing camaraderie in the squad, ensuring that anyone that wants to be involved can be, regardless of their background.”

Through the community that the team have developed through social media, they have started to help players find clubs local to them, and this is something they are looking to grow during 2023.

Parker, who played his first-ever match with the Metronomes in 2022, explained that: “The thing the Metronomes bring to cricket is a true sense of belonging and love no matter who you are.

“Everyone involved with them never makes you feel little, alone or alienated. They make you feel loved, valued and really appreciated. I’ve been into cricket since 2019, and only since joining the Metronomes at the beginning of 2022 have I actually felt like I belong to the sport.

“The work they’ve been doing with helping people find clubs after being out of the sport for a long time, or even if they’re just starting up like me, has been nothing short of phenomenal and amazing.

“They’ve brought the community closer together and really given people like me who love cricket and are new to it a place to feel safe.”

The team wants to create a legacy of a community of people within the cricketing world where everybody feels valued and welcomed. Cricket has the potential to break down so many social and cultural barriers, and The Metronomes have embraced this, with one of their founding principles being that anybody can join the team whether they have kit or not.

Kit should not be a barrier to participation, and The Metronomes are looking to support potential players who do not have kit.

When speaking about the support offered by Kent Cricket, the team’s vice-captain Isaac Lockett said: “There is no doubt that The Metronomes have the potential to build something special, but we also are aware that in order to reach communities the club will need the help of established stakeholders up and down the United Kingdom.

“The team cannot say a big enough thank you for the support that Kent Cricket have provided to us by giving us a platform to share our message.

“We look forward to having a long term relationship with the county and to play more games in the local area!”

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