Kent Cricket Supporters’ Survey 2012

Tuesday 4th September 2012

We are seeking supporters' assistance in evaluatingthe Club's performanceduring the 2012 season.

Your feedback is much appreciated, andwill influence our planning for 2013.We are aiming to get a large number of responses from a broad cross section of our supporter base. As such, the questions are written from a quantitative perspective, tending to be closed, yes/no or rating style responses.

There is a final question where you can type in sentences for matters not covered, or where you might like to give a more qualitative response. As always, we encourage you to contact the Club directly should you have any questions or suggestions not covered in the survey – please use email address

Below is the link to our online Supporters' Survey. We would appreciate it if you could spend approximately ten minutes completing this, giving us your assessment of the many initiatives introduced this season.Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Please note – this particular survey is for Kent Cricket Supporters – if you are a Kent Cricket Member, you should have received an email which included a link to the Online Members' Survey.

The link is –

Most of you should be able to click across to the Survey by hovering the mouse across the address and most likely having the ctrl key down. Should this not work or the link be to the Survey Monkey site, this will be due to the setting on your individual computer – you are likely to have ‘cookies’ blocked. In this case simply type in the web address in full to your menu bar and it will link you directly to the survey.