Kent Spitfires v Hampshire Royals, Update

Sunday 24th June 2012

Men’s First Team

Weather and Car Parking Update.


Few clouds, blue skies can be seen. Covers are off.


The forecast states the rain is expected to clear before 3pm, please keep an eye out the window and on the forecasts for further updates. The umpires will start inspecting at 1pm, and we are completely in their hands for any potential delays.

Click here for LIVE pictures from St Lawrence Ground by looking at our webcam (picture updates every 30 seconds.)

Car parking in Simon Langton Girls' School is likely to be restricted to hard surfaces so please be aware of this when you arrive. One off car parking in both Simon Langton and St Lawrence will also be available.

Tickets for today's match are available at the pre-buy price until 1pm if purchasing online (please choose the 'print at home' option. Click here to buy.