Match Information Updates – Kent v South Africa, Day Two Saturday 14 July

Saturday 14th July 2012

Men’s First Team

Tour Match


Days play abandoned due to heavy rain.

Day three will start 30 minutes earlier at 10.30am, gates will still open at 9.00am. To buy a ticket for the day, and take advantage of the £10 ground entry and £15 Woolley Stand tickets, click here. Once gates open prices move to £15 and £20 respectively.


Play to start at 11.15am.


Match start delayed due to concern with dampness in one area of the outfield. Further inspection at 11.00am.

Overhead conditions very good so hopeful of a start this morning.


A pitch inspection by the umpires is scheduled to occur at 10.30am. The outfield is very wet, due to heavy overnight rain. Confirmation of start time or further inspections to be notified post 10.30am.

Car parking at Simon Langton Girls Grammar School is available today using the hard surfaces initially. Use of the field will be dependent on ongoing weather conditions.