Pharon Indoor League Update

Wednesday 11th December 2013

A fierce battle rages for the Championship of the Indoor League, which is being played on Sundays at the Ames Levett Centre. And it is not likely to be won until 12th January, the last day of the First Division programme.

Three teams, each with three fixtures remaining are involved. At the top, Street End 1st lead Canterbury, the defending champions, and the University of Kent, who are level, by two points. Street End have only lost twice – to Canterbury and UKC.

The prize for the victors is a place in the county finals and, possibly, the regional knock-out, then the national final at Lord’s.

Competition is just as keen in the other two divisions of the Canterbury League, which has the financial backing of Pharon, the independent financial advisors based at Harbledown.

Divisions 2 and 3 continue until 16th March, and, at the time of going to press, five sides shared the leadership of division 2; East Kent Police, Harbledown, Macknade, UKC 2nd and Christ Church University 2nd.

Kent members suffering from the effects of winter depression following the Ashes are more than welcome at the Ames Levett Centre; for intense, but enjoyable competition, indoor cricket is well worth a look.

Alan Bennett