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Piers Richardson: Bowling to the Aussies was incredible

Monday 6th July 2015

Academy scholar Piers Richardson learnt a lot from facing Australia both as a twelfth man and bowling at the world champions in the nets.

The 18-year-old Canterbury-born bowler managed to dismiss Ryan Harris in practice after bowling at much of the tourists' batting line-up before the Ashes get under way this week.

Richardson, who plays for Whitstable Cricket Club, said: "Bowling at some of the best players in the world was an incredible experience with the likes of Rogers, Warner and Clarke involved in that.

"It was nerveracking at first but once you get into your rhythm it was like bowling at anyone else.

"I chatted to the coaches the most. But Chris Rogers was never shy of a chat, nor was Nathan Lyon. I also spoke to Mitchell Starc a little. But the majority of the chat would have just been well bowled if I bowled well.

"I took one definite wicket when I bowled Ryan Harris. The LBW of Starc may be disputed!

"The main thing I took from this was just seeing how small the margin of error was with these players. If you come off your line or length by an inch either way, they'll put you away. It's only in the flesh that you realise just how good these guys are!"