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Player profile: Darren Stevens

Thursday 21st June 2012

Men’s First Team

Name, age and role:

Darren Stevens, 36, batsman/all-rounder

How did you end up at Kent?

I was released from Leicester and I went and had interviews at four other clubs around the country. I spoke to them all but David Fulton, who was captain at the time, persuaded me to come to Kent.

Who is the one to watch, why?

It has to be Matt Coles because he can bat, bowl and field.

Which ground is your favourite in England, why?

Got to be Lord’s. The home of cricket and the best teas on the circuit. The food there is unreal.

If you could play cricket anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’d like to play in Australia. They have quick, bouncy pitches and you can challenge yourself against the best bowlers in the world. The social side is good too.

Who is the last player to buy a round?

We went out on Friday night and I have to say Ben Harmison!

Who is the worst dressed?

It’s a toss-up between Ashley Shaw and Mark Davies. Their dress sense is terrible, I can’t explain how bad it really is.

Who is the messiest in the dressing room?

Keysy. He’s just a mess. He doesn’t care about any of his kit and it’s spread everywhere. At least with my stuff there’s a load of it but it’s in my area. The others aren’t moaning when they want to borrow bits of it either!

Who is the worst room-mate?

Treddy (James Tredwell) isn’t great because he snores. He had a watch that always went off but I roomed with him at Essex and it didn’t make any noise so I think they’ve sorted that one out!

Who is the greatest cricketer you have ever seen?

Sir Viv Richards.

Who is the greatest cricketer that ever lived?

That’s a toughie. You could say Don Bradman as a batter, or even VIv as a batter. Ian Botham as an all-rounder and there’s Sir Garfield Sobers too who did everything. There’s a lot of them – it’s hard to pick one.

If you could create the perfect player, whose facets would they have?

I’d take Sachin’s batting and Jonty Rhodes’ fielding. Bowling-wise I’d go Shane Warne and he’d have the mentality of Rahul Dravid.

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