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Player Profile: Mike Powell

Thursday 14th June 2012

Men’s First Team

Name, age and role: Mike Powell, 35, batsman and general mick-taker of anyone in the team

What brought you to Kent?

I came down for a chat and I just liked what they were saying. They were signing good players and they were pushing all the right buttons for me.

Who is the one to watch, why?

Colesy – he’s a very exciting talent and he’s still learning his game. He’s funny and he never ceases to amaze me with some of the stuff he says.

Which ground is your favourite in England, why?

Lord’s, it’s always special to play there whether it’s in front of a full house or it’s empty. The lunches aren’t bad either…

If you could play cricket anywhere in the world, where would it be, why?

New Zealand is a great spot – not for the batting wickets especially but the social side is top notch.

Who is the last player to buy a round?

Mark Davies.

Who is the worst dressed?

Keysy dresses like a bin-man and he’s got more than a whiff of bin juice about him as well.

Who is the messiest in the dressing room?

Stevo. There’s a big section in the dressing room where there’s just loads of his kit. Dicky, our dressing-room attendant, has to clean up after him.

Who is the worst room-mate?

Me, apparently. We went on tour and there was a double and a single bed and I hogged the double. I took four pillows to Mark Davies’ one. His bed looked like one from a jail cell!

Who is the greatest cricketer you have ever seen?

Shane Warne, on and off the field. He liked a beer.

Who is the greatest that ever lived?

Sachin Tendulkar.

If you could create the perfect player, whose facets wouldthey have?

Batting would be Tendulkar’s. He’d bowl like Shane Warne because fast-bowling is harder on the body. Fielding from Jonty Rhodes and mentality of Ian Botham as he enjoyed himself on and off the field.

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Photo: Sarah Ansell